Our current average yield is 8%-8.24% per year. Dividends could be monthly deposited into your bank accounts or accumulated as stock to earn the highest annual yield. All invested funds will be lent out as mortgages which register on borrowers’ land titles.


Jin-Ocean specializes in the first and second mortgages up to 70% of the appraised value: including residential, commercial, construction, or short-term bridge loans which are guaranteed by real properties in Greater Vancouver area.

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Our director will provide you professional mortgage advice or appropriate investment plan. Please contact Kathy Wang by 778-384-0930 or email to

In the past fiscal year of July 2018 – June 2019. We have received higher profits than expected. Pursuant to the Subscription Agreement and to appreciate investors’ sincere trust and great support, Jin-Ocean MIC will distribute an extra dividend based on his or her percentage of share interest to each and every shareholder who holds shares as of June 30, 2019.

According to our calculation, for the shareholders who receive monthly cash dividends, the standard annual rate of return is 8%, while the extra dividend rate is 0.63%, therefore, the total rate of return equals 8.63%. For those shareholders who receive stock dividends, the standard annual rate of return is 8.24%, while the extra dividend rate is 0.63%, therefore, the total rate of return equals 8.87%.

Please be advised that the cash dividends will be directly deposited into the shareholders’ bank accounts shortly as the cheques are issued. And the stock dividends will be reinvested into the shareholders’ account accordingly.

  • A mortgage investment corporation or MIC is an investment and lending company designed specifically for mortgage lending in Canada.
  • Investors of a MIC are its preferred shareholders. This ownership of preferred shares enables investors to invest in a company which manages a diversified and secured pool of mortgages, varying from small first or second mortgages on residential property to commercial and development mortgages on new projects.
  • Mortgage investment corporations are generally provincially registered and licensed, with the management of the mortgage fund under the direction of provincially licensed mortgage brokers.
  • MICs are organized for investing in pools of mortgages. Profits generated by MICs are distributed to their shareholders according to their proportional interests.

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