Our current average yield is 8%-8.24% per year. Dividends could be monthly deposited into your bank accounts or accumulated as stock to earn the highest annual yield. All invested funds will be lent out as mortgages which register on borrowers’ land titles.


Jin-Ocean specializes in the first and second mortgages up to 70% of the appraised value: including residential, commercial, construction, or short-term bridge loans which are guaranteed by real properties in Greater Vancouver area.

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Our director will provide you professional mortgage advice or appropriate investment plan. Please contact Kathy Wang by 778-384-0930 or email to

In the past fiscal year of July 2019 – June 2020. We have received higher profits than expected. Pursuant to the Subscription Agreement and to appreciate investors’ sincere trust and great support, Jin-Ocean MIC will distribute an extra dividend based on his or her percentage of share interest to each and every shareholder who holds shares as of June 30, 2020.

According to our calculation, for the shareholders who receive monthly cash dividends, the standard annual rate of return is 8%, while the extra dividend rate is 0.36%, therefore, the total rate of return equals 8.36%. For those shareholders who receive stock dividends, the standard annual rate of return is 8.24%, while the extra dividend rate is 0.36%, therefore, the total rate of return equals 8.60%.

We can help investors deposit their cash dividends directly into their bank accounts. For reinvestors, the stock dividends will be accumulated into the shareholders’ account accordingly.

  • A mortgage investment corporation or MIC is an investment and lending company designed specifically for mortgage lending in Canada.
  • Investors of a MIC are its preferred shareholders. This ownership of preferred shares enables investors to invest in a company which manages a diversified and secured pool of mortgages, varying from small first or second mortgages on residential property to commercial and development mortgages on new projects.
  • Mortgage investment corporations are generally provincially registered and licensed, with the management of the mortgage fund under the direction of provincially licensed mortgage brokers.
  • MICs are organized for investing in pools of mortgages. Profits generated by MICs are distributed to their shareholders according to their proportional interests.

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根据BC省证监会(BCSC)及加拿大证券管理局(CSA)对“利益冲突”的新政策要求,加拿大EMD公司在负责投资客户于Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC)投资交易中,必须秉承公开透明的宗旨,对投资客户披露所有可能存在的利益冲突信息,以达到最大程度代表投资客户的利益。与此同时,EMD公司也将加大力度监督所有投资交易,更加严格审批投资客户的资格。这样既能保护现有投资客户的利益,也能让将来潜在投资客户能够充分认识MIC公司的投资产品及其安全性。 以往,投资客户在我们EMD公司开户时,投资顾问都会派发开户信息文件给客户,告知客户有关我们的EMD公司和MIC公司的利益关系。在处理其投资交易中,EMD公司始终坚持为投资客户谋求利益最大化, 做到利益关系公开透明化、且未收取任何费用。未来,我们EMD公司将继续尽该义务并加强与投资客户的沟通。EMD公司将按年度来评估公司自身对利益冲突方面的监督,如有发现任何利益冲突实质问题存在,将以书面形式尽快通知投资客户并采取相关处理措施。如投资客户在交易过程中发现任何冲突存在,也请及时联系我们EMD公司处理。 有关利益冲突,锦洋公司总结了以下可能存在的几方面: EMD公司与MIC公司利益的关系,以及两公司内部管理人员的关系; 任何相关费用的收取方面; 投资顾问有无收取佣金的方面; EMD公司与MIC公司共享办公室情况下对文件、记录的独立管理方面; 公司内部人员投资可能性方面;如有该类投资,将在UDP或CCO同意后进行。 其他可能存在利益冲突的方面,总结如下: 涉及第三方人员; 捆绑性投资; 公平配置。...

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